Be Smart about your media buying on mobile

Reach your mobile audience
effectively using Real Time Bidding

Proven scalable technology

that succeeds in managing big data to deliver results



Focus on advertisers

Service and technology fully focused on the demand side of the advertising ecosystem.



Reaching your audience and maximizing engagement with your campaigns.


Maximum Reach

Covering the big majority of mobile optimized inventory available on RTB.


Mobile Expertise

Full technical support for mobile web and in-app, and deep understanding of the mobile context.

Top news:

mediasmart partners with TVTY to maximize multi platform campaign effectiveness

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February 11, 2013

tenthavenue has selected mediasmart as the technology provider to help streamline its programmatic media buying operations

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May 2015

Mediasmart Mobile innovates again by launching native ads

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July 2014

mediasmart launches new ad format to adapt artwork according to geolocation

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Mayo 2014


We not only provide you with our DSP technology, but we put our mobile expertise to your service:

  • Do you know that by just maximizing CTR without guaranteeing the quality of clicks you could be making your mobile campaigns most ineffective?
  • Had you thought about using mobile campaigns to drive foot traffic to your store?
  • Did you think the impact of branding campaigns on mobile could not be measured?

Think again!

"mediasmart´s technology has allowed us to directly reach users for whom we are relevant, optimizing the campaign and improving the perception users have of our brand"

− Nicola Riva, Head of Online Marketing for Vueling

"The introduction of mobile and real time bidding is radically changing the media buying environment, and changing how we establish relationships with customers. Companies with technology such as bsmart make it possible to go one step further in branding and effectiveness."

− María Gil, Mobile Marketing Manager at OMD, Spain

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